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two delicious pieces of chocolate cake cookie with marshmallow fluff mixture in the middle.

popular in new england
token connecticut kid: mmmmm i just love whoopie pies!
other token connecticut kid: me too! they are just so delicious!
georgia kid: y'all crazy yankees what in the world are y'all talkin bout?
by mgmtlove November 20, 2009
The act of spraying whip cream up a females vagina. Usually the female needs to be upside down so that the whip cream can spray effectively.
She told me to give her a whoopie pie, so I did, then she got a horrible infection.
by Billydiddles May 20, 2011
When one blows his load inbetween the asscheeks of an African-American woman.
Yo, I gave my girl a creamy whoopie pie last night
by titogonzalez March 02, 2005
a vulgar name for the vulva, alluding to its similarity to a whoopie pie cake turned on its side.

Refers only to pretty vulvas - others resemble less visually appealing foodstuffs, such as clams, burgers or sloppy joes.
My new chick Lynsey has a real pretty pussy, like a whoopie pie - my ex's looked more like a fuckin' kebab...
by Andy Sword February 01, 2011
a threesome consisting of two black guys and a white girl...resembling a whoopie pie.
me, bubba, and amanda had a whoopie pie last night.
by farmboy015 November 06, 2007

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