crazy assed underground party in london. The cry of Whoop Whoop can be heard coming from the lesser spotted Ricky Whoop Whoop when he is on one
I went to a slammin Whoop Whoop party last night
by Anonymous October 08, 2003
A sexy ass female, or simply just a girl you find attractive. Originated in the city of Detroit, Michigan.
Aye Book? Yea wut up Dev?, look at lil whoop whoop over there. That bitch bad ass hell. Let me go holla at her.

I was chillin wit this lil whoop whoop at the apartment last night.
by J.R. Smooth September 15, 2007
A clear indication that one particular individual is under the process of being vanquished by another individual that is more powerful and victorious - very much like the process of getting owned.
Marcus: "Did you see that, man!?"

Jerry: "What?"

Marcus: "That ninja is sending the whoop whoop on that dude over there!"
by Anonymous724 June 01, 2010
A place that the people who are talking dont usually go to. Eg. out of their way of travel or too far to reach.
Person 1: Hey lets go to Bendigo
Person 2: What the hell? Thats freaking whoop whoop
by nickst4z August 05, 2006
somethin that juggalos nd juggalettes say ta get peoples attention nd if any of u muther fackoos have a problem wit it then see me u dirty cunts
*whoop whoop* mad clown love
by jUgGaLeTtE BiTcH November 14, 2005
An expression of delight used to announce the arrival of the weekend. Attributed to Jo Oman.
Hey! It's Tuesday and guess what - Whoop Whoop!
by awap4 May 03, 2010
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