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1. Doing well in a certain activity or sport.

2. Getting it on with your bitches.
1. "I'm straight whobangin' tonight!"

2. "I got that stupid bitch so damn drunk I took her home and whobanged her all night!"
by Easy C and Easy D March 28, 2005
To show up to someone's house unannounced.
Who banging on my door?
by Laker2u September 09, 2014
when u grab a steel toed boot and precede to use it like a weapon to nut tap a friend or enemy and holller out either of the following phrases, WHOBANG! or THUG LIFE and throw up a sign.
I'ma WHOBANG! that motherfucker for whobanging my girl last night when we all know hes been whobanging with the bald guy in the shower
by youngcubedawhobanger December 07, 2010
a euphemism for gay sex with a close friend or friends
Neal says: "I'm gonna take her home and whobang her all night."

Neal really means: *wink* "Robert and I are going to whobang each other all night."
by Jack Burton 86 March 30, 2010