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1. a contraction of the words "who" and "are;" seldom used in written language due to its awkward appearance.

2. the fantasy literature alternative to "whore" or "prostitute," because everybody knows that apostrophes in odd places and double vowels have the power to change any word into a fantasy literature word.
Buddy: Who're you writing that dumb definition for?
Sal: Wow, that would have appeared awkward in writing!

Tha'lanaa'kaei: Thou artest a diirty who're for thieverying the inno'cence of my liittle bro'ther!
Kasae'liaanaa: He arteth my huusband now, wench! I am permitted su'uch!
by atheismiscooler October 13, 2009
29 8
A woman that sleeps with everyone but YOU!!!!!
SEE: SLUT - A woman that sleeps with everyone.
That whore wouldn't sleep with me.
by dude December 20, 2003
20791 5158
Someone who does something excessively.
You camping whore!
by ne0santa September 17, 2002
9404 5277
A woman who sleeps with you for something in exchange, usually money.
That whore cost me 200 dollars.
by undertheinfluence March 23, 2005
8321 4509
Minor annoyance. You're not really mad at them, but sitll kinda pissed.
"Hey, who ate the last doughnut?"

"I did."

by Megan March 01, 2005
6200 4037
someone who has sex with a lot of people, usually very friviously
Jane is a complete whore, thats why so many guys know her.
by anonymous June 15, 2002
4957 3144
(1) A term used by people who sleep around to insult someone who doesnt; as for an act of jealousy.
(2) A woman who is paid for sexual services.
(1) OMG i hate her she is such a whore!
(2) Hey whore! How much?
by Carrie February 26, 2005
3379 2184
something you yell at the girl who you know looks better than you do wearing the same dress. oh yeah, she just slept with your boyfriend and your brother.
i wish i were as great a whore as carly. it'd help if i had her tits.
by eva December 23, 2003
3169 2213