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a term used in anger toward a person of caucasian descent that acts in a very stupid manner; a mash-up of white and retard
My whitetard roommate puked in a crockpot and left it in the living room for two whole days.
by Mary Jo Wanna July 10, 2008
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A whitetard is someone who likes any kind of sound, music or melody made by Jack White.
Even if the songs or music are bad or strange a whitetard will always thinks that this is very good.
- Dude, I love that latest CD from the Dead Weather...

- I know man you are a whitetard anyway.


- Hey Franky, will you go see the next concert of the Raconteurs at the Tweet Center?

- Of course Harry... you know I am a whitetard.
by jimmipage May 21, 2010

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