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a programming language consisting primarily of tabs, spaces, and newline characters.
Below is an extract from a Whitespace program which asks for a name then outputs it

by StarManta April 03, 2003
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The gap between one activity and the next which needs to be filled so that your entire working day turns into one endless hell. Proactively sought and removed by the sort of cunts who use cliches such as "blue sky thinking" and "low hanging fruit".
White Collar Manager: You've got an hour of downtime between 1pm and 2pm, lets take a top-down view and create some synergies for this paradigm in that timeframe.
Blue Collar Pleb: but thats me lunch break fam!
White Collar Manager: whitespace won't fill itself

Blue Collar Pleb: <kills himself>
by VillaIRL January 23, 2017
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The time of inactivity in a process, whether between processes or in a process
The project has too much whitespace in it.
by o0Bull0o August 13, 2015
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