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Slang for blackmail used by Blacks
G: I'll keep your secret if you give me $100.
B: That's whitemail, you know.
by ImproperB June 26, 2008
Whitemail: to try and trick someone into doing something you want them to do in a polite manner without publicly embarassing them to make sure a demand is met
man, my wife tried to whitemail me the other day. She said if I would clean the kitchen then I would get sex for a week, can you believe that?
by Synmontwist February 18, 2011
The kinder gentler form of black mail that wimmin use on their significant others. Can also be referred to as guilt leverage.
Wife: Sweetie, I'm not going to shave my armpits until you shave your beard.
Husband: You're not going to white mail me that easily. Beard stays.
Wife: Fine, I'll just be a hairy monkey.
Husband: Sorry, dear, I'll get rid of the beard.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh February 22, 2010
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