The word "White Trash" is thrown around a lot these days. People usually corollate white trash with being poor. You can actually be white trash and be on any level of the social class; rich, poor, middle class, poverty, whatever. Some people are simply less privileged than others, so they can not be judged by the things they posess.
The definition of White Trash sort of goes along with Jeff Foxworthy's definition of Redneck which is "An extreme abscence of sophistication." That's all white trash is; however, even if one has nice things that person can still be white trash. White Trash people are often times so unsophisticated that they do not even know they are white trash. If one is truly white trash that person is not supposed to know about it.
It is just a coincidence, but many white trash people have bad taste in things. Nascar lovers are often white trash. People who get drunk are often white trash. A drink or a glass of wine are nice every now and then , but getting plastered and shit-faced is just stupid. What's even more white trash than that is saving all of your beer bottles and putting them on the counter. As if they need to be on display. They exhibit other bad habits. They smoke a lot. They have very low grooming standards. The smell bad. They have terrible taste and are badly dressed; tank tops, bandanas, etc...They put their couches on their front porches, and it just looks hideous. They do not take very good care of their kids. They sometimes abuse them or are very negligent. The beat their spouses. Their English is very improper. They also like to curse a lot. They think that saying the "f-word" every other word makes them sound like big people.
What makes people more white trash than anything is their moral judgement however. They take pleasure in hurting others. They are racist. They sleep around a lot and don't even bother to use protection. They date people who do not respect them, or they do not respect their partners. They pick on other people to make themselves feel good. They love to be verbally abusive. They enjoy picking fights, and being rude because it gives them pleasure. Anytime they are nice to other people there is always an alterior motive for some personal gain. They are greedy. They are selfish. Instead of supporting their families they will buy extravegant things for themselves such as a high definition television. White trash people are just bad people. They basically have no social grace, and they feel that the world owes them.
Britney Spears: (stoned) Government came and took my baby! Oh well! Maybe I'll go exploit myself some more. While I'm at it I'll go marry some grungy guy who does not respect me! Fuck yeah!
Oprah: Britney you are so White Trash!
by YesYouWillPublishThis January 26, 2009
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anyone who goes by the name Paris Hilton, wants to be Paris Hilton, knows Paris Hilton, or has spent one night in Paris Hilton.
"Paris Hilton proves you don't have to be poor to be white trash".

by your mom October 10, 2004
Slang term for white people that usually live in a trailer park. With low incomes that spend their tax returns on things like big screen TV's instead of clothes for their kids. These people tend to be mouthy and fight frequently. Generally these people are uneducated and have little concern for personal hygiene. To see these people at their best watch Jerry Springer.
What happened on Jerry Springer today? Oh, the usual. Some White trash ho beat down her white trash boo because he was getting freaky wid the white trash neighbor who is married to her father.
by itsjussme February 28, 2004
refers to a Caucasian American lacking sophistication and money
*in the past described white folks who couldn't afford slaves and were not part of high society, some even worse off than many slaves
*has been used to label both people with racist attitudes and people who consort with minorities
*white trash as opposed to "regular" trash, or minorities, which is why the phrase is all-around offensive and shouldn't be used by anyone
As he passed sporting a mullet and Confederate flag T-shirt, the words "white trash" came to mind.
by JazWaz April 14, 2006
A term used broadly and often inaccurately to define a person or group of persons whom embody the concepts of ignorance, racism, violence, alcoholism, and anglo-saxon ancestry. It is often used as a label on the poor caucasian working class. Many people are labelled "white trash" because of the clothes they wear and their appearance, regardless of wealth and standing. Many that use this term do not understand the lifestyles of those whom they deride and oftentimes neglect to see that many people in the poor white working class are actually very intelligent tolerant people who tend to like professional wrestling, cheap beer and NASCAR. Many others were born with mental or physical disabilities and are forced into the stereotypical "white trash" lifestyle by the opressive society of the united states which tends to ignore its lowest classes. If correctly applied, the term refers to people such as the military personnel who had a wonderful time playing fraternity pranks on the prisoners of Abu Ghraib prison, the corporate scum who build their big box department stores right across the road from mom and pop stores which are then forced out of business for the greater good of a couple of obscenely rich assholes at the top, idiots who write "dotheads are dirty" on the walls of gas station restrooms that are not even run by east Indians but people of middle-eastern descent yet they are too full of themselves to notice a difference, and especially Texan wannabe cowboys who carelessly overrun foreign countries without noticing the thousands of innocent lives that are constantly being ended and then having the nerve to say "GOD IS ON OUR SIDE!"
There sure is a lot of white trash up there in the ruling class, isn't there?
by Mike August 25, 2004
A lazy ass son of a bitch who expects things come easy in life, is ignorant, and feels superior over others.

Often these rednecks are surprised that minorities who are educated and work hard go up the socioeconomic ladder to become working professionals, while they sit on their fat asses and expect the world of plenty to come to them.
Midwestern white folk.
by fairness and peace prevails March 10, 2005
all of you filthy american cunts
george w bush is just a texas white trash
by titino chingon August 31, 2006
Term used either consciously or subconsciously by whites to make themselves feel better. Why would I think this you ask?
Because there is no black trash, yellow trash, or brown trash. Clearly there are a greater amount of whites that are not white trash, in their opinions, although of asians, blacks, and hispanics they must automatically be trash. I'll probably get this definition rejected by a mile because 95% of urban dictionary users are likely white. Also used to represent that whites have no troubles and that they think that they're white trash jokingly.
Oh, we're just white trash with our abercrombie and fitch shirts, flip flops, pants and underwear...
by b to the rizzle June 21, 2007
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