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A stupid white kid who tries to be black and wears doo-rags, puffy jackets, long chains, raps and speaks like they came from a ghetto. Most "wiggers" are from rich mainly white neighbourhoods and have perfect familys.
Wigger#1: Yo nigga holla at me when yo see meh in da streets.
Wigger #2: G-g-G-g-G-g UNIT!! ight dawg. Check out mah new heat yo.. It's mah Supah Soakah XP twenyfah.
Wigger #1: Speakin o' twenyfah.. it's twenyfah to 7 o'clockizzle.. i betta b headin to my criby dib dizzle befow my mam n ma dad get mad yo.
by Billy July 06, 2004
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