a simple shirt that u will alwayz look clean in.also a song by dem franchize boyz
a slang in my white tee i bang in my white tee all in tha club spittin
game in white tee.fuck a throwback
i look clean in my white tee.
by White Tee Mami September 05, 2004
a baggy white t-shirt, *was* an urban thing and part of the so called gangster uniform since the 80s, stopped being an urban thing when whiteboys caught onto it in 2003-2004, and then completely commercialized by the wack ass 'franchize boyz' who made it even more accessible to wiggers with their even wacker song
white tees were the last street apparel that minorities had left without the whiteboys stealing it trying to fit in, that is dead now, all the people who defined this word before me are white boys from the suburbs, no real person from the streets brags about a white tee, its just worn because its part of the uniform and you can get alot of them for cheap (before they became a fashion and prices went up)
by canibus November 27, 2004
The ultimate in men's fashion
I gotta get dressed to the max for this party.
White tie?
No, one better: White Tee.
by TheGoyWonder May 15, 2013
A song, and a Over sized shirt worn, the song is bad ass.
Me Yup! in my white tee!
Friend: thats a clean white tee!
by Slim Shady Boi October 15, 2007
In the hood when someone gets killed they're put on a white tee shirt so that they can be remembered. So it's a threat to tell someone you'll put them on a white tee.
"Art imitates life, I'll put you on a white tee"

-Cormega from the song "718"
by Donuts May 05, 2007
1. a tee (t-shirt) that is white in color
2. a song made by some group of singers that no ones heard of till now.
3. a very annoying song with no flow
man1: "hey yo i bling in my white tee"
man2: "hey, shut the fuck up"
*kid1 is mobbed*
by playa del seville November 30, 2005
1. A new crunk slammin' rhyme by Dem Franchize Boyz.
2. What all blacks and Mexicans will start wearing to clubs.
3. What white people will start wearing a few months after they realize it's "cool".
Black person: "Dayyam, look at that cracker over there wearing dem white tees!"
White person: "Excuse me, sir, I'll have you know I purchased this white t-shirt at Wal-Mart."
by Dem Franchize Boyz November 09, 2004

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