White paper - a document released by agencies, the government or anyone who knows what they're talking about. They usually describe policies (those used by organizations), techniques (hacking, explosives, oral sex) and even products (the lates mobile phone devices).
Hacking Bluetooth enabled mobile
phones and beyond – Full Disclosure
by Niraco January 20, 2005
Top Definition
An executive summary; a report whose purpose is to simplify an unknown subject or product in a desirable way. Also, a report summarizing a session of parliament or government in the UK.
"We got another pile of white papers from M$. I threw them in the circular file."

"I needed to catch up on the day's decisions so I grabbed the latest white paper."
by Mike Losh November 09, 2007
Another catch phrase dreamed up by corporate America disguised as "providing information" but in reality it's just a label hiding a crappy product pitch. Belongs in the same category as "proactive", "team player" and "touch base".
I printed out some white papers from the internet today and used them to wipe my ass with.
by paddytakes May 30, 2005
a brain dump to start conversation
I wrote a white paper.
by JRJB February 16, 2006
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