A white whale is something you cant get ....like seeing a white whale would be rare. It would be seeing something you always wanted and you absolutely have to buy it. So when u get it, it's your white whale.
I have yet to find my white whale. It will be a great day when I do though.
by Cool Breez February 01, 2005
Top Definition
Something you obsess over to the point that it nearly or completely destroys you. An obsession that becomes your ultimate goal in life; one that your life now completely encircles and defines you.
Captain Ahab was so obsessed with killing Moby Dick (the white whale) that it in turn killed him.

The desire to be thin became her white whale. Through diet pills, starvation, vomiting, and obsessive exercise, she was determined to be skinny.
#white whale #moby dick #obsession #nemesis #captain ahab
by Articulate Austinite December 28, 2010
Term used to describe an opponent/nemesis who is extremely difficult to defeat. The term can also apply to miscellaneous games or events which are difficult to master.
The USC Trojans, although indisputably the most talented team in the PAC 10, always struggle against the undermanned Oregon State Beavers. One can surmise that the Beavers are the Trojans' White Whale.

Isaac has not beaten Jamal in a 1-on-1 basketball game in the last 20 tries. Jamal is his White Whale.

Baron excelled at video games as a child, although he was noticeably deficient at Guitar Hero, struggling to even play Medium Level songs. After many miserable bouts with failure, he conceded that Guitar Hero was his White Whale, the one game which he could not overcome.
#white #whale #nemesis #defeat #difficult #opponent #beast
by Z_19 September 14, 2009
(In Denver) An RTD Bus, especially if it's in your lane.
Damn, a White Whale, right in front of me. Where's Ahab when you need him?
#city bus #denver #rtd #really terrible drivers #regionl trans. district #brown cloud bomber
by Endogenous January 05, 2010
The Girl or Guy that you really like but never seem to be able to go out with or stay together with. "The one that got away".

the term derives from the novel "Moby Dick". in the novel Captain Ahab refers to Moby Dick (Who is a white whale) as "The one that got away".

The nice thing about a white whale is that it gives you hope that someday you will be reunited. and ride off happily together into the sunset!
Man, I really miss my friend Taylor, too bad we could never get together, I guess she is just my white whale
#white #whale #guy #reunited #moby dick #ahab.
by 20alpine October 27, 2010
Slang term for the prescription pill Desoxyn generically known as Metamphetamine. Called the White Whale because it comes in a white pill and is so hard to get prescribed. The term is in reference to the White Whale in Moby Dick who constantly eluded Captain Ahab.
"Man, I tried to get my psychiatrist to prescribe me the White Whale but so far I can't get my hands on a prescription."
#meth #speed #crank #methamphetamine #ice
by TrippingOnMusic September 05, 2013
a slang term for a large white female. commonly used by young men but also other groups.
duuude! that guy is dating a white whale. what a chubby chaser.
#fat #overweight #obese #tub of lard #fatty
by jimjam87 July 01, 2010
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