A term used to describe a self centered, ego-driven person of european decent that has superiority complex issues.

Often times used to insult such a person in responce to a common racial slur such as nigger,sand coon, chink etc...
Go back to your trailer you white shit!
by MR. HUNTER April 04, 2006
Top Definition
Where you have been to pound town so many times in your ass, when you shit, 100% pure semen comes out.
Robert likes getting fucked in his ass so much, he probably has White Shit coming out the Waa-Zoo.
by JustinElderado December 03, 2010
Snow. The the cool white stuff that comes down from the sky. But when it hits in April, it causes rage amongst some of us.
What is up with this white shit in April?
by The Amin April 08, 2007
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