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The greatest pimp of all, no pimp sits above this man. The ladies adore him like no other. Him and Joe-Unit own all bitches. Bow down before them.
1-"Why did all the ladies at this party just leave?"
2-"White Rob just left!"
by White Rob December 19, 2004
a rich pimp with a lot of cars, women, and llello.
man white rob ownds all i wish i could be just like him
by punani pounder December 06, 2004
1. Extremely sexy high level old school player on the game of RuneScape.
2. One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, just make sure it isn't in the wilderness.
3. Whipped. ;) Hehehehehe
White Rob fishes all night on RuneScape when he can't sleep, while he strokes hair for the girls and protects them from the boogey man.
by NOT Crystal March 21, 2005
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