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a white person, or person who is not black, who has large hair resembling an afro
kevin-dude, that kid has an afro? but hes not black!
adam- yea i know, he has a white afro
by lizo July 25, 2006
49 19
White tips on your nails that ended up being much wider and longer than expected. They stick off of your finger like an afro on someone's head.
Bon Qui Qui - Hey Jade! You just got your nails did?

Jade - Yes, but they are much longer than what I wanted them to be.

Bon Qui Qui - Oh! They gave you white afros?
by aJadeD August 08, 2009
15 4
a white african is a person. ( i am white and part african)
the guys are people, the woman are people. i am white afro.
by asshole123 May 08, 2007
7 28