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A term describing the method by which information (whether true or false) flows through a society. Suggestive of the secrecy as well as the unpredictable and unstoppable nature of informal communication. Coined by author Andrew Vachss and first published in his book "Born Bad." The term differs from grapevine, which suggests individual truths, passed from person to person.
You can't trust everything you hear from the underground — the whisper-stream vacuums up everything, gold to garbage.

-"False Allegations" by Andrew Vachss (1997)
by bulletpt August 05, 2010
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A term coined by Andrew Vachess author of the Burke series, meant to be a term for underground information, but in reality Vachess has no clue what hes talking about and ends up making a fool out of himself and only complete morons living a sheltered life would find his novels intresting.
Dont ever a read a Burke novel by Vachess he will start rambling about the whisper-stream or something stupid like that
by Cptncoleian July 10, 2006

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