Stands for White House- W is Whiskey in the NATO phonetic alphabet, H is Hotel, WH is White House
That is the Whiskey Hotel
by ge159 March 09, 2010
'Whiskey Hotel' is a short-code name for a whore. Derived per Military Phonetics on the first two letters of 'Whore'
Bob: Damn Eric, that guy is talking behind your back
Eric: Yes, he is a Whiskey Hotel
by Non Whiskey Hotel July 02, 2009
To receive oral sex whilst playing Modern Warfare 2.
Person 1: Dude I got a whiskey hotel last night!

Person 2: NO WAY, was it the best thing you've ever experienced?

Person 1: Better than being born my man.
by Captain MacTavish December 03, 2009
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