The act of inhaling the compressed gas (nitrous oxide, also used as an inhalation anesthetic) from inside a whipped cream can usually as a means to get 'high'.
The children didn't have any real drugs, so they tried a whip-it session to get high.
by Puff_the_Erfish October 12, 2005
Using a Whip cream canister to extract the nitrous oxide and inhaling.. Despite popular belief nitrous oxide is not significantly dangerous in less done without oxygen for long periods of time. Nitrous oxide is NOT an inhalant it is usually referred to as laughing gas and has shown no proof to be dangerous or to cause brain damage infact you may have tried it before it the dentist office. Short high kinda interesting worth a try i guess but I'd stick to weed ;)
Me and John might go whip-it since were out of weed.
by Master Of The Herb March 27, 2007
Its when you breath nitrous oxide out of a whipcream can. (hold the can rightside up so the cream dosent come out, just the air) It gets you lightheaded and dizzy, colors can also become more vibrant. But, becarfull if you do to much at one it will kill you. There kinda gay, but if your a stoner you should try it at least once to have your own opinion.
Im bored, lets do some whip-its.
by super-cattle-grazer09 April 27, 2006
a new drug to get high off of, it deprives your brain of oxygen for 30 seconds giving you this high...but hey how fun!
Jeff: hey try some whip-it it goes well with exstacy
by Stacy December 07, 2004
A stoopid drug that does cause brain damage and is highly addictive. Deprives the brain of much needed oxygen. Dont be fooled, this is the same drug, just in a much more potent form (the Docs are trained to administer the drugs with a nice mix of good ol' oxygen so u dont faint). Its just stoopid, and its not good with X, its even more potent, research it for real!
You are all stoppid for doing "whip-its".
by Hate the "Whip It" Heads February 11, 2008
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