Someone who is always complaining
dude1: I'm cold
dude1: I'm hot
dude1: I'm hungry
dude1: I smell
dude2: dude2, shut up whinging bitch
by Carnophage December 15, 2004
Top Definition
slang for someone who won't shut up.

to whinge
to be a whinger

ties in with "whiner"

sometimes refered to as a "karade"
"its cold out side"
by sonuku August 03, 2004
Someone to complains about everything.
A person who bitches about fucking everything.
A pussy.
Dude1: I'm hungry
Dude1: I'm cold
Dude1: someone stole my bag
Dude1: I'm hot
Dude1: I hate spending money
Dude1: I hate driving
Dude2: shut up you fucking whinger
by Whatamidoinghere September 16, 2015
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