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According to Justin Timberlake, that's what we've only got to save the world.
We've only got 4 Minutes to save the world
by fuckinqueenslander June 19, 2008
An Australian current affairs program aired on Channel 7 for people who like to see the latest goss of Dancing With the Stars and weight loss stories.
I was watching Today Tonight tonight, they unsurprisingly had yet another story on weight loss.
by fuckinqueenslander September 01, 2008
A full-time whinger from the British comedy One Foot in the Grave whom anything that could possibly go wrong goes wrong with.
In one episode, Victor Meldrew flew off the handle at this young couple for attempting to have sex in his loungeroom and ended up buried up to his neck in his back yard by the young guy.
by fuckinqueenslander June 28, 2008
A small township in Austria that is located near the Austria-Germany border. Considered to have one of the funniest place names in the world.
Guy to Austrian real estate agent: How much is it for the average Fucking house?
by fuckinqueenslander October 21, 2008
A superior guy who invented MySpace and has an impressive 300,000,000+ friends on his friends list. He is also the first person on my friends list.
Have you ever spoken to Tom Anderson in person before?
by fuckinqueenslander July 10, 2008
What you'd call someone face-to-face if their breath smells as if they've been sticking their tongue up someone else's rectum, particularly if you don't like them.
Don't bother having a conversation with me rectum breath!
by fuckinqueenslander June 15, 2008
A man who can successfully play the piano with his penis.
Did you go to the symphony concert yesterday? They had a penis pianist there!
by fuckinqueenslander June 20, 2008
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