Also spelled, guey, jue, wae, waaay depending upon accent.
It means everything.
Person 1: Whey, whatchu talkin bout whey?
Person 2: This whey was talking chit whey.
by swimminfish September 14, 2009
Pronounced "way"

an exclamation which is shouted when someone in the nearby area makes a fool of himself; said during an embarrassing moment when a lack of skill or common knowledge is clearly not present.
1. announcer : "and the ball falls to Michael Owen"...(he whiffs)

fans: WHEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! falls infront of me at the store

I respond with a "Wheyyyyy!"
by LFCYNWA July 03, 2011
what little miss muffet ate
"eating her curds and WHEY"
by lauren September 02, 2003
Can mean absolutely anything. Whey! See, just said it, didn't mean much!
Dave: I found a pound!
Jimbo McLarry: Whey!

Mum: Supper's nearly ready!
Boy: Whey!
by Barry June 04, 2004
Simply put, the most amazing word...ever...
Obama: "WHEY!"

"Hey, maybe having a black president will turn out okay after all!"
by EJWHEY February 23, 2010
whey - (noun) the turn of phrase used to represent an unfortunate event whereby the participant undertakes an action somewhat away from the norm which viewers or viewees feel a sense of accomplishment and the sudden urge to "whey"
A freekick sails miles wide and out for a throw in to the opposing side in a football match
Crowd reaction = one whole hearted "Whey"
by Dan December 25, 2004
Verb used by lechers in order to fondle women.
Lecher to buxom wench,
`Have you ever had your tits wheyed?´
Buxom wench, `No´
Lecher, grasping one breast in each hand,
by ´MisterE October 11, 2005

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