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Welsh expression for "where is it?" or "where are you?"
Where is Pete to, or where is the club to
by Chris Tough January 22, 2004
Bristolian slang/expression for "where is it", "where are you" and "where abouts".
Chloe: "i've left my wallet behind"
Sean: "Where to?"

John: "i'm about five mintutes from the club!"
Tom: "cool mate, where are you to?"

Pete: "the bank is just down the road"
Paul: "Where abouts is it to?"
by Steve James April 11, 2006
cornish expression for "where abouts" or "where is it". basicly means "where".
densil : heard they be making Paaaaaaasssstys down road.
Trevelyan : Where to ever?.
by richard searle December 12, 2005