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cornish expression for "where abouts" or "where is it". basicly means "where".
densil : heard they be making Paaaaaaasssstys down road.
Trevelyan : Where to ever?.
by richard searle December 12, 2005
Welsh expression for "where is it?" or "where are you?"
Where is Pete to, or where is the club to
by Chris Tough January 22, 2004
Bristolian slang/expression for "where is it", "where are you" and "where abouts".
Chloe: "i've left my wallet behind"
Sean: "Where to?"

John: "i'm about five mintutes from the club!"
Tom: "cool mate, where are you to?"

Pete: "the bank is just down the road"
Paul: "Where abouts is it to?"
by Steve James April 11, 2006