A statement, comment or expression that qualifies as both cheesy and witty.
It ain't easy bein wheezy, to keep it cool you gotta keep it smart and cheesy.
by nymph415 November 24, 2011
Top Definition
lil wayne has a nickname that is wheezy.
#1-lil wayne is the best rapper ever.
#2-no way wheezy sucks
#1-i said lil wayne no wheezy dude
#2-dude.wheezy is lil wayne it is his nickname
by tha real skittles June 29, 2008
a player, the biggest pimp around
Man he be da wheezy foo.
by sumbezzle February 13, 2003
Someone with asthma; someone who smokes; someone sick
"Why she coughin like dat?"

"Dawg, She wheezy"
"Wazzup Wheezy"
by Dwight Brooks February 11, 2008
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