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A series of 12 (11 currently) long books characterized by an extremely complex plot. Average length is between 700-900 pages small print. Uses many elements from and is comprable in plot to both Lord of the Rings and Dune. Don't even try to comrehend many of the details of entries on this topic unless you have read at least 1 of the books, or you will be more confused than before.
Wheel of Time Reader reader: So who do you think killed Asmo in TFOH? Was it Moggy?
Not Reader:Wtf?!
by Ian Ryan November 06, 2006
A series of 10 books that are all really, really long. Only for the most ultimate nerds to read, like me, because only nerds have the patience to get through all the damn books, although they are really awesome. Abbreviation is WOT.
Nerd1: Yay I just finished Shadow Rising! (book 4)
Nerd2: Ha I finished Winter's Heart! (book 9)
by alb April 05, 2005
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