Just pretty much keepin it real and what not
Alex: Why is there a crack here?
Kyle: Hey let's move this bed and what not. (while c-walking and what not)
by John Jacob Jinglehimershmit July 16, 2008
a term used for anything secretive
We have whatnot tonight.
by Sara February 15, 2003
a guy who dares two swaps at walmart in one day
damn, look at whatnot run from them rent a cops
by WN March 11, 2003
a guy who thought the best came first but the first was last and all the goodis never worked
WAT.NOt.ps i hate you number 11
by Anonymous July 28, 2003
A term used to describe an attractive woman. Can also be used as a catcall when a woman one deems to be attractive walks by a group of males, strictly for the purpose of gauging agreement within the group.
That neighbor of yours is definitely a whatnot.

by Sam K. May 28, 2004
reaching second base with your partner. second base
paul and kat had what not last night.
Lorry wanted to what not nat.
by lorry360 April 30, 2006

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