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A term that originated as the chant for Clarkson Secondary School at MIST Toronto in 2010 ("What son!? Clark-son!"), it can generally be used by someone who has done or said something exceptionally superior which then begs the question, "what can you say or do in response to what I have just said or done that could possibly be better in comparison?" The speaker addresses his/her audience as "son" in an endearing, albeit diminutive fashion, to relay a humble sense of superiority in the spirit of good competition and sportsmanship.
"When you already have the best chant, you don't need any fancy videos {to win the epic chant contest for MIST 2011}. What son?!"

(To which the audience will immediately know the appropriate reply, i.e. "CLARKSON!")
by sayinaayomisttoronto March 27, 2011
another way of saying hello, like whats up but used mainly in devon
Cam: whats on jed?
dave: fuck all mate, whats on with you?
by JollySonX January 17, 2010
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