what big game james says
what the crap? since when was lithuania a state?
by james October 25, 2004
Top Definition
most amazing phrase ever.
use it when your confused, need to know something, or just plain bored.
"dude the world is cocking the fuck with my gun!"
me:what the crap does that mean?

by drone248 April 27, 2008
a substitute for "what the hell?" or "what the fuck?"
*Nicole throws a soda can at the back of Mary's head*

Nicole: hahahahaha!
Mary: What the crap?!
by marrrrrry May 04, 2005
an alternative for 'what the fuck'. is more accepted by public, as crap is less offensive than fuck, obviously. 'what the shit' can also be used, as can other variations. eg: 'what the crapper'
'what the shitface'

for internet use: replace 'wtf' with 'wtc'
if people don't know it - send them here.
guy: dude, that lady over there is pretending to be a bird...
girl: what the shitface?!
guy: i know aye, what the crapper is she doing.
by nikkivondee* October 26, 2009
What Strong Bad says a lot..
"...what.. Brian!!? WHat the crap!? Unless brian is short for.. brianrietta.. or brian-sue..."
by Anonymous the Poster July 10, 2003
something retarded kids say when they get surprised, confused, or angry
by tiddly niggel-bich July 05, 2009
What the crap? You can't define "What the crap?", it's just there. Holy crap!
The car has exploded and everyone has survived, but the car is totalled.

What the crap?

by Stephanie May 10, 2004
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