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the word you say when you have totally snaked someone good. Or when something bad happens to someone you say "whammy" or "whammt" pronounced wham-tea. It must be said loudly or just loudly enough for others around to hear, then see what you're pointing to, and laugh, or show empathy if they're a woman.
Joel is taking a rail on his snow board at high speed and falls scraping his face on the ice hard snowpack. I say "whammt" or "whammy on Joel!" for all around to hear, point and laugh.

Second example. Joel is attempting a front flip dive off of a 20 foot houseboat. He over or under rotates landing perfectly on his face. There is a huge slaping sound as his face and stomach meet the waters surface. I laugh loudly and among my rolling on the floor, manage to slip out "Whammt on Joel!"
by davewhammtmarsh November 20, 2006
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