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A whamdangler is a term used to describe your penis once it has been peirced,tattood, or permanently decorated in any way.Fashionably decorated male genitalia or blinged out balls.
Toby works at the ballpark restroom, and he said 30% of all men have whamdanglers

Hey, didn't you hear? That tattoo shop that's closing is offering blow out deals on all their whamdangler jewelry

That one awkward guy in the locker room keeps flopping his whamdangler around and invading my personal space.

I'm so sick of Johnson,ever since he got his penis whamdangled last Tuesday he thinks EVERYBODY wants to see it!!!
by Sweetteabone December 28, 2013
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a nice rack/breasticles on a female and some males
That dude has wham danglers up the ying yang
by frank azzaro June 01, 2006
used to describe rather large breasts
man look at those whamdanglers! foookin HUGE!
by otispunkmeyer September 12, 2005

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