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another slang word invented by me to demote "pussy" in particular pussy so good it causes pussy juice to leak down the legs of the female.
damn that bitch had some good wetleg
by datnigga September 30, 2004
When someone sneezes with such protrusive, explosive force, that the snot flys onto somebody elses leg.
Boy1 - *Sneezes Violently*

Boy2 - "Damn dude you just gave me a wet leg!"
by 88C September 07, 2009
When a guy gets a girl so aroused she wets herself.
I gave Tiffany a Wetleg
by JoeRo55 March 06, 2016
A person or persons with strangely damp legs. Possibly caused by sexual arousement, or incontinence.
"Hey baby, I saw you and got wetlegs!"
"Oh no, ive got wetlegs again! This is so embarrasing"
by wetlegs6 August 18, 2006
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