Originated in room 8350 in the year 2008.
1. n. Synonymous with the watch of a CMOD. (See example 1).
2. n. A derogatory, applied to a person, greater in magnitude than the sum total of {bitch + ho + joe + Group 3 major + varsity athlete + yut-yut + bilge}. NOT a wench. (See example 2).
1. "I'm on duty this weekend. I have to go stand wetch."
2. "Chill out, you wetch! Stop being such a bravo-elf."
by 8350 February 09, 2010
An alternate version of any other vulgar name for a female
Who do you think you are, wetch?!
by Amy-Rill "E" Us September 22, 2003

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