A reference to the heavy drinking that occurs on a Wednesday night. Students who have classes on Friday and therefore must forgoe Thirsty Thursday rely on Wet Wednesday for drinking needs. Also used to cure any hangover left over from Tipsy Tuesday.
Kaiser: "Fuck I'm so hungover from drinking so much on Tuesday, and I cannot drink on Thursday because I have an exam on being a suckup to society"
Floormate: "Don't worry Kaiser, today is Wet Wednesday. You can both cure your hangover and study on how to be a tool to the Man. Enjoy the remaining years of proper liver functionality."
by KaiserKaj January 07, 2009
Top Definition
a weekly wednesday celebration required for sanity in a nine to five lifestyle.
Alan: man, this has been some fucked up week. i cant stand this job.. im gonna burn this place down and kill myself!
Daniel: dont worry you witch's tit, its fuckin wet wednesday!
Joe: im so wet
by joehasbigballs August 22, 2007
Wednesday night out in Eastbourne, Purely because there a vast amounts of Gash out! making the night "wet".
Mate you up for Wet Wednesday tonight? - Yesssss bare gash out
by RedTop88 January 01, 2011
Phrase used to describe a person who becomes suicidally depressed and attempts to kill themselves due to the empty and utterly boring nature of their lives, often during the middle of the week (Wednesday).
Marion kept attempting suicide every Wet Wednesday, when the banality of her life as a housewife became too much to bare....
by BakerX2 December 04, 2011
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