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when giving anal, you pull your pinus out really quickly and there ass hole comes out, hanging like a wet sock
"yer i did my girlfriend right up the bum hole lastnight"
"yer i know i gave her a wet sock!
by jamesindahouse September 30, 2010
6 15
To describe someone or something as useless. As a wet sock has little use to anyone.
"That new guy is as useful as a wet sock"
by MarcRetailer February 20, 2007
59 11
A woman who sleeps around at such excessive levels that intercourse feels like your penis is inserted within a warm, wet sock.
I'd sleep with her again if I had the chance, however she is a wet sock.
by Quagbert February 29, 2004
35 19
Whilst masturbating, you realise at the last minute, the toilet paper has run out. As a last resort, you cum in your sock.

Ejaculating into a sock.
I was so desperate for a wank my only option was to wet sock.
by Kenilworth April 14, 2009
21 10
A sock recently used to wipe off yourself after masturbation.
I just jerked off, so watch out for that wetsock.
by tomjonesbeotch July 01, 2010
7 2
Women that have extremely huge or long breast that sag or hang down lower than their elbow.
Guy 1: Did you see that hot milf man?
Guy 2: Yeah, but i'm not feeling her wetsocks though
by milk]N[cookies March 18, 2011
2 3
When you have worn the same socks so long that they are wet from sweat, then when you take them off they get instantly hard and crispy.
Damn, you got wet socks.
by Gage Burdge March 27, 2012
1 3