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The act of urinating all over the walls, floor, and ceiling of a public restroom, paying particular attention to the toilet paper. This move is especially useful when the bathroom is a fucking mess. In some situations, a brown down might be preferred.
Guy 1: That fucking waitress was such a twat.
Guy 2: Yeah, that's why I gave the bathroom a wet down.
Guy 1: Awesome. Did you get the toilet paper?
Guy 2: Fuck yeah!
by Jim W September 03, 2007
1) Awsome; great; superb; excellent
2) In basketball, when a player is tallying a high percentage when shooting jump shots, especially three-pointers.
Damn, Kobe jus' hit like 8 threes! He's on wetdown, wet like a sponge baby!
by $imonT February 18, 2004