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hit man or professional assassin.
"that wee cunt gets a knife an he reckons he's a real wet boy"
A guy (usually gay) who derives sexual pleasure from wetting his pants.
He owned up to being a wetboy, saying he sometimes turned himself on by deliberately pissing in his shorts during a match.
by Janker March 20, 2006
A wet boy (sometimes referred to as a pussy wet boy) is someone who is consecutively cowardly towards everything and everyone. He is afraid of letting loose and fears having a good time (especially with the ladies) however he will endlessly pretend he's up for it. He is often a virgin or has very limited sexual experience but will portray him self as a 'sexual god' - you will always regret doing anything with a wet boy as they have no idea what they are going and will NOT show you a good time. If you don't know what a wet boy is you are very likely to be one so chill the fuck out you pussy
'He lost his virginity the other week but he thinks he can pull anybody now - fat chance' or 'he thinks he's sweet talking but he's just moist talking'

'that wetboys attitude is as soggy as his shit kisses'
by Pzlwbd April 15, 2015
a proper pussy that is scared of everything
oi shit face stop being a wet boy
by Grant Boucher June 13, 2007
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