Another rhyming slang term for having a nightmere. A "Weston super mare" however, is used to define a troubling situation of significantly higher magnitude than your average "Tony Blair"
Weston-Super-Mare is also know as a shite seaside holiday town in the West of England.
"Mate, I'm having a Weston. The Mrs came around last night and found me in bed with her mum."
by Ginger Binger October 22, 2003
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A small town, on the south-west coast of the UK, Which has a small beach which has black water.

Supposed tourist attraction, but theres nothing there except the black sea.
"Im going on holiday to Weston-super-Mare"
by cowwilly April 17, 2004
An absolutely useless pile of crud which was layered over in concrete then passed off as wasteland. And, my, what poor wasteland it was!
"Man, I went down to Weston Super Mare and got 152 needles in me feet" - Somebody who walked on Weston's beach
by RocketMBA February 05, 2004

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