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A group formed off Wayfinder. A LARP-ing group based in California, hence "West"finder. Involves foam swords, mass fantasy rp-ing, and general awesomeness and fun all around.
"I went to a great Westfinder event last Saturday. You should go next time; I killed three people in an epic battle!"
by opheicus November 13, 2006
an organization of awesome people who get together and play the funest games in the entire world. They LARP and play capture the flag with foam swords. They are the coolest people you will ever meet. EVER.
guy 1: I'm going to westfinder this sunday it's gonna be awesome.

guy 2: what's westfinder?
guy 1: it's the awesomest thing ever! you have to go!

later on

guy 1: wasn't that awesome?
guy 2: YEAH!! westfinder is sooooooo cool!!!!!
by adudewhoexistssomewhere February 22, 2010
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