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west scranton is the shit, so fuck all you hatin' motherfuckkers. & not everyone here is poor, were ghetto but whe have nice clothes, phones, kicks ect. yes, alot of the girls here a skanks, but alot of them arnt. everyone doesnt just put a front on & act hard, if you know the right people they are ligit ride or die . so fuck off , & lala your a fucking loser and should post shit about mike shoup (#12 on how to spot a jrb) because he was a cool as kid, and if anyone from here knew who you were you'd deff. get your shit fucked uhhp .
west scranton , aka west side is the shitttt .
by BBYD&OPS January 02, 2010

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the best part of scranton. the home of tippy! and Novembrino Swim Complex formerly Da Oxy
hey wheres the party at? west scranton of course!
by carmelina September 26, 2006