The best coast.
The east coast starts something, then the west coast take it and make it a thousand times better.
by Devil Doodle December 11, 2009
A definition page where people on Urban Dictionary go to add yet another page to a meaningless review to the on going feud of two unique regions in the 'same' country! When there are far more important things to resolve and discuss.

Also goes for 'East Coast' definitions.
East Coast, West Coast. Just accept they're different and have their own qualities, and equal (if not more so) flaws.
So many more important things to talk about people.
by Nate08 March 02, 2007
The States that boarders the Pacific Ocean. However, when most people/ celebrities say "West Coast", they usually refer to California.

The West Coast is the place you want to be.

: "The West Coast is the place to be."

Nuff said.
by OrbitalCat August 07, 2009
The part of the United States that's a little more laid back, and a little slower paced, the women are a little more beautiful, and that's how we like it bro!

The West Coast consists of Washington (my home), Oregon, California, and sometimes Hawai'i and Alaska.

The West Coast is noted for high quality Marijuana that comes from either Northern California or British Columbia and a lot of people take pride in that. And it has Washington, which is the first state to legalize recreational use of Marijuana!

...and for everyone saying that the West Coast is full of fake, tan, valley girls, that's not true, there's fake people everywhere, you can't escape that. Washington and Oregon are both really nice states, a lot of culture, really cool people, and some of the most beautiful places in the country.

Cities include Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland and many more cool places...

I'm sure the East Coast is nice...but I think everyone can agree that the West Coast is the Best Coast!!
NYC is cool and Miami is alright, but the West Coast will always be the best coast!!
by rockerkiddevin November 07, 2012
tupac was born on the east coast. he said "east coast born, west coast raised"
west side is the best side!
by VivaLaRaza January 25, 2004
West = Weed
Coast = Crack

Way of Saying weed and crack business ( selling, having , using ect . ) in front of people so they don't suspect any illegal substances .
Man1 - Yo man we need to hop on that West Coast quick .
Man2 - Yeah, I know . We Need to get money .
by iRockNiqqa July 29, 2009
when a group (up to any number) of black lads all participate in the act of sex on one female.
Black lad 1 - "What did u guys get up to last night"

Black lad 2 - "Me an da mandem linked a one ting a took

her to the yard"

Black lad 1 - "Raww, wat was it a west coast ting"

Black lad 2 - "uno me"
by Wolfpak March 20, 2010
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