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Wergle is a verb. It means to move in a sexual and erotic manner at any time in any place. It can also define masturbation.
I want to wergle in the shower for another half an hour.
by Penis Bobshure August 25, 2006
Wergling is an incredibly complex sex move. To wergle, many things are required:
1. Two and a half ducks. Any more would ruin the experience.
2. Satanically purify your body before wergling.
3. All sex must be done on the remains of pearl harbor.
4. Both people must be wearing Howie Mandel masks throughout the entire wergle.
5. Eat 1 and a half of the ducks.
6. Afterwards, you must watch the bonus CD for monsters vs aliens 2.
Yo I hardcore wergled your girl last night
Just seemed like she really wated to wergle.
by Bilbongg May 25, 2016
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