Sexy men and women that have the ability to change into huge wolves and kill anyone who crosses their path. They come in many shapes and sizes so don't underestimate them.
Guy: ''Damn that werewolf girl is sexy.''
Friend: ''Yeah i know sooo hot.''
by Sadies Adolpha November 16, 2012
1. A type of, otherkin, that don't want to be labelled furry. Their fursonas may look like werewolves, but watch out! For the otherkin never draw themselves as their human form, therefore making their fursonas, regular fursonas. See also: Dillusional, Fursona, and In Denial

2. Buff guys, that turn into 6' tall wolves. In the transition to their wolf form, they shed all their clothes, yet, when they transition back into their human form, they magically grow them back. It has been said, that this is due to the fact that their genitalia is abnormal, and as an act of sympathy, some wizard enchanted them with the power to grow pants. These werewolves are basically perfect. You will never find one of these in the real world, so if you want to find one, look in some badfics. See also: Gary Stu, and Mary Sue.

3. Lumberjacks that live deep in the forest. They have been bitten by a werewolf, thus carry the disease. They live far away from society, in order to keep from killing every single living being. This method works, only if the werewolf lives somewhere in Canada. Every full moon, the lumberjack undergoes a transformation into a wolf man, bent on making a good meal out of innocent civilians. This only lasts the night, and in the morning, the lumberjack usually wakes up naked, surrounded by blood. The only way to kill a werewolf, is to shoot it with a silver bullet. See also: Badassery, Lumberjack, Canada, and Freaky Shit!
1. Furry: Oh hai! It's good to see another furry around!
Otherkin: I'm not a furry, god damnit! I'm a werewolf!
Furry: Then where's your human form?
Otherkin: ... ... I can't draw humans?

2. Jacob Black, is one of them new fangled werewolves...

3. If you're ever walking through, the Canadian woods, on the day of a full moon, and you see a lumberjack... run to the nearest city, and buy a revolver, with silver bullets.
by The_Exuberant_Face August 16, 2010
Similar to a Houdini with a few additional steps for effect. A man shaves his pubes in anticipation of sex. While the man is having sex in the "doggy style" position, he pulls out then spits on his partner's back. The partner believes he finished, turns around, and the man cums on his partner's face. The man then reaches for the pubes and throws it on his partners face.
She said she wanted to see the full moon. We had sex under the stars and I pulled out the Werewolf.
by September 30, 2012
A new high school clique first sighted in Northside, San Antonio; they're not goth or emo: just emo kids who want to be special. They wear werewolf contacts and fake fangs and walk around wearing tails on their buttocks. They sometimes meet under a full moon, if their parents let them out. So basically they're just goth/emo kids with extra accessories.
Werewolf girl: "We're not a gang at all. Gangs are posers, they just want attention.....The pack? We're a family. We go to see each other for our problems."

Werewolves are goth/emo kids who want to be special.
by candyland4704 June 07, 2010
An incredibly addicting modification of the forum game Mafia (which would be linked to but the article for Mafia has nothing to do with the game), which consists of multiple roles (werewolf, doctor, seer, bodyguard, etc.) that each have their own abilities in the game, and the plain old villagers.
"Yo, dude, you wanna come to the concert tomorrow?"
"No, man, I've been playing Werewolf on this one forum, and I can't stop because it's just that addicting! HELP!"
by SonicRocker June 02, 2009
When cumming on a girl (or possibly mans) face you pull out a pocket full of shaved pubes and throw them on his/her face so he/she looks like a werewolf.
Tom: Elliott gave Eli a pretty nasty werewolf last night.

Kennedy: Thats not a surprise, i just wish it applied to feet.
by teatsteatsteats March 26, 2010
while receiving a blow job the male pulls out before ejaculation and blows on the recipients face then throws pre-cut pubic hair onto their face thus enraging the recipient into a werewolf like state.
poppy did not forgive simon for giving her a werewolf.
by boagswallis October 29, 2008

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