apparently ther first three definitions were written by self centered wellesley natives (or from somewhere similar, like newport, greenwich, etc)

Try this on for size: Wellesley, the town where insecurities are bred and money masks weakness. Money talks and the dumb talk more. A place where it is possible to not know a single thing about the real world because your Lexus has a nav system and OnStar.

A place where kid's souls are lost as soon as they are born and adults pretend to be important.
'Wow, you have serious social and mental problems, you must be from Wellesley"
by Dr. Feel Good September 13, 2005
The awesomest place ever. Minorities ARE welcome. NOT EVERYONE wears Abercrombie and Fitch. Not everyone listens to Simple Plan. All people except half of the population are overly rich idiots.
Wellesley is in MA and does not discriminate unless it's you
by UrbanStereotype October 06, 2005
Host to Wellesley College. A fun frolic for all the lesbians out there, you will sleep with your friends and it will be ok. We promise. The parties are grand if you don't want boys. If you want to go frat hopping go somewhere else. This school is for the chicks and the squirrels. and if you don't work to hard in class you may even learn something.

The town of Wellesley does not have much else.
Friends: So where are the boys?
You: Boys?


Friend A: I didn't think that girl was queer.
Friend B: She applied to Wellesley early decision.
by bread for thought November 26, 2006
the guys r pimps of all pimps....ladies are is great......ya we throw it down too but the cops do suck cock....they got nothin better to do rather than eat donuts and chase us around...
i dont know what to write for this example but missin ya all
by ya'll know me by #18 December 12, 2004
all white, all rich, your lucky if you find a house under 2 mill, minorities are not wanted natick people and mexicans mow our lawns, everyone wishes they lived here but they have neither the education nor the capital, boo-yaa
whoa your popped collar is so wellesley
by dolladollabillsyall March 14, 2005
Rich white neighborhood thats has no booze and the gas is too expensive and where its always cold...and there are never parties and the cops suck
The average household income is almost quadruple that of the national average...and someone owns a V12 Vanquish
by Kid from Maryland October 19, 2004

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