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A place in Massachusetts near boston. Probably over 90% white, with 0 mexicans. if your fat dont come here because no fast food is allowed. Most people without big houses here are still rich they just spend it on other things. If your house ( like mine) is under 1 million dollars your considered "poor." The children are mostly either failures, nerds or a few are just awesome. It was founded in 1869. Population 26,000. Best time to be here is spring. Summers to hot here, and the winters are like 10 degrees, but theres no snow.
"Hey what are you eating?"

"Your obviously not from wellesley"

"Im freezing"
"O is it snowing there?"
"No and theres none on the ground either."
O u must be in Wellesley"
by cbearofthtplace June 06, 2010
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