A Rawn-lo or Rinlond.

A chuffler or monk
Rawn-Lo Chuffles like a Weirdo
by jonny1leg September 29, 2007
1)The Boy or Girl at your school thats NOT a nerd but not exactly normal either...and NOT uniqe...the person that discuss things most of the people at the skool wouldn't like to dicuss..also the one that looks funny buts not handy capped...but be nice...there probably going through an "akward stage"! :/

2)The Creepy older man standing at the bus stop at night, also known as the creep O_O

3)rosey o' donald *_*
1)NORMAL PERSON: Hey Alvin, did you see that chris brown video "kiss kiss"? My favorite part was when he was dancin on that bus!
WEIRDO: My favorite part is "the way" he moved his eyebrows throughout the video!
NORMAL PERSON: uhhh?? alright then! (mummbles to self) "weirdo"

2)sum1 you do not wanna meet the main person u fear is gonna "getcha" whateva that means lolz
3)sum crazy lesbo fat lady that used to work for nickolodean in the 90s...now she can't find work cus shes too busy cat fighting with multi millionair Donald Trump who wishes he could finaly just tell her "shes fired" EXCEPT she dosn't work for him!
by Diamone (pronounced Diamond) June 13, 2008
SugarBunni is a cardholding member of The Highest Order of Weirdos.
by Annie Oakland July 01, 2004
the act of using your foot for masterbation
stop giving yourself a wierdo in my presence
by BOB December 04, 2004
A strange boy named Brett, that enjoys his English teacher a little too much.
Brett and his English teacher's eyes met and he cracked an instant 2cm boner.
by Jedda September 13, 2003
weordo and ugly likes girls
idk weirdo
by zomg1234gg August 11, 2008

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