Brittnay, Veronica, Shaquana
Man your acting like a freaking Shaquana right now, A.K.A. Weirdo
by Realist122 October 15, 2010
a odd person or someone that does something strange.
Timmy is so weird in his little land!
by Sveta November 16, 2004
J, Preiya...

born weird, continues to be weird, will end weird
BOB: hey whose apartment we pre-gamin at?
BUBBA: Oh its these two gurls and this weirdo that live there. The two girls are cool, but that weirdo, man...
by monkey April 01, 2005
A weird person who acts starnge. noun
That boy who ate eyeballs is a weirdo.
by Anonymous October 10, 2003
A job. A person (usually a man) that walks around the town for a living. HE looks like a petafile but doesnt touch anyone. He just observes whats going on around him. His pay is whatever he finds on the ground.
Yo I always see that guy walking around town picking up money!

Yeah, he's a weirdo!
by Poop87866 April 01, 2009
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