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(1)n. feminine word for weird; such as weirdo for masculine
(2)n. a feminine that shows strange actions and words like KaPuLeLeHuaPiNaY
(1)KaPuLeLeHuaPiNaY: ur weirda
(2)She's such a weirda.
by To!nk March 28, 2003
10 6
a male, suffering from eyes spread too far apart from his nose. drives a pink Mary Kay truck and looks both ways before receiving the Buettner Fisting, an old German drinking ritual involving an enema, a heineken and a harry knuckled fist. Known for his use of the exclamation point, he is currently playing out the year until he is unceremoniously replaced and kicked to the curb of idiots everywhere. Known for incorporating a closet full of 1984 era JC Penney holiday sweaters. Brutal
"Sales are low month after month due to the Weirda factor"
by Janice Caseey August 08, 2008
7 11