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You know whats weird?
my weird dream
It starts that a clown kills a mime, then a mime kills a clown
and soon enough a war starts. mimes throwing invisible grenades to kill clowns and clowns drowning mimes with their little water flower trick things. Soon enough i'm in an army squad sent to settle the matter, and i start cuttin them down with guns,grenades and weirdly... chunks of pure black icecream. Clowns scare me.
To see my weird dreams and other peoples
look up "Weird Dreams"
by Green February 15, 2005
people who you give a strange look to because the things they say make absolutley no sense or are completely random/out of the norm. usually associated with nerds and people stuck in a past century.
giannninna is weird.
by gabiee March 18, 2006
An exclamation made towards something or someone who possesses negatively outlandish qualities or whose overall level of lameness takes their general personality to an extraordinary extent of crapness, irritation, stupidity or blandness. Therefore necessitating their extremely abnormal badness to be proclaimed for all to hear.
"Dude check out that fat guy..."
"WEIRD! I bet he smells like bacon"
by wahwahwahwahwahwahwah October 05, 2007
insane, crazy, stuffy bra, needs help, no friends, bored, nothin to do
"Im a little weird girl who likes to stuff my bra!!!" *jumps around uncontrollably*
by ~*sCrEw Da wOrLd*~ May 25, 2007
To be strange in a way that people don't like.
Oh man... That girl's so weird!
by THE Crazy Lunatic November 01, 2005
Someone who eats soy products
He's eating soy. That's so weird.
by just another random guy December 04, 2006
n. a person who is different than most, a nerd, goth, or someone messed up in the head.
"Dude look at that fucking weird over there."
"What the hell is that weird looking at."

Jay: "Dude, look at that weird smelling your sister's hair!"
You: "Im gonna kill that freak."
by Dee Wig September 30, 2005