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high on intoxicants, most commonly uppers like cocaine, high grade methamphetamines, or monster energy drinks.
everyone was gettin' weird at the party
by garbage man November 08, 2007
Description of a person who is usually cast out of social groups for their oblivious behavoir as they dont try to connect with others but live in their own world.
Dude, Rick/Kyle is so weird... why did he try to change his name to Rick?

He thought the ladies would like him!!!

Lets just call him pheonix because of his red hair
by Conorrrrrr August 21, 2006
What everything becomes when your trippin on shrooms
"Colors are so weird"
"Flowers are so weird"
"Everything is so weird" -me on shrooms
by Exryder300 August 29, 2004
Something you say after you pass gas.
Cam: "you just farted"
Bob: "oh, Weird
by bobert555 January 14, 2008
a perverse alternate spelling of the word 'wierd' used primarily by english nerds and grammar nazi's.
Normal guy: Wow, that is really wierd looking.
Spelling nazi: Its spelled weird.
by manversusmachine January 26, 2010
to have a blood alcohol level of 0.2 or greater
I'm getting weird tonight.
by TJ November 12, 2004
To get goofy drunk.
Bitterman: Hey Turtle, lets get weird at karaoke night tonight.

Turtle: Na man, I need to study.

Bitterman: weak.
by Bus36 February 02, 2006