A word used by many people which is usually meant to be negative. If someone calls you weird it's usually because you're saying something or acting different than another person would. People don't know how to handle this so than they just respond by saying "You're so weird!!!!"
person a : what bands do you like?
person b: hmm i like blink-182
person a: youre so weird! ew. i only listen to the radio.
by batwoman la sarah July 20, 2009
a descriptive word implying abberence from a contextual norm.

magical love
that was weird, wasn't expecting that.

this is weird isn't it?

yes it is!
by ediblesound June 24, 2005
Generally used to refer to the avant-garde sort, they who prefer customs or practices which are not too common in the general or normal population. Has often been misused to denote free thinkers and philosophers, who are in fact superior to the normal people.
Hey, fool, why you reading the Bible, that's so damn weird!

reply: Just because I have an IQ of 196 sir does not make me weird. I may read the Bible whether or not you want me to.
by Parzival. January 30, 2008
It doesn't have to be a bad thing. Weird could mean someone is original and cool. Or it could mean someone is a freaking goth who shaves her head in the bathroom.

1. That girl is so weird, i love her!
2. Ew shes so fucking weird
by apple juice October 16, 2005
A way of acting that would not be looked upon as normal by outsiders.
Jenna and Rosie are weird. Very weird. Very very weird. woohoo.
by Jenna and Rosie are weird. December 31, 2008
Another synonym for awesome.
Guy one: That's so weird!
Guy two: I believe you mean, "That's so awesome"
Guy one: Same thing, dude!
by GenericUsername123 February 26, 2011
Something or someone that portrays new and original qualities. Often, because those qualities are not normal, they are also considered "not cool."
Hey, did you see that girl wearing those uber bright green pants?
Yeah, she looked really weird.
by SqueakWhimsical March 09, 2009
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