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an unoriginal phrase that describes the part of youtube where all the videos/video suggestions are strange,meaningless and usuall y kindof gross there will usually be a top comment that says "looks like I crossed over to the weird side up youtube" with like 50 thumbs up.
I started off watching niggahigga and ended up watching worlds largest zit, I need to stop crossing over to the weird side of youtube.
by qwertty92837373 November 21, 2011
When all of the video suggestions on YouTube have become strange meaningless videos. Also there is no more advertising do to the weirdness. Majority of the video suggestions will be parodies of Nyan Cat, Peter Griffin, and Spongebob.
"I was watching Dramatic Chipmunk, clicked a link and before I knew it I was brainwashed by a head-banging spongebob. I've just crossed over into...the Weird Side of YouTube!
by Deepest Thinker November 06, 2011
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